pull requests

  • PR #1 Dashboard.go changed to also processed .gz files from @eirikrvw.

It allows to generate Grafana dashboards from gzipped nmon files like standard nmon files.


  • issue #35 Added support for configuration file in /etc/nmon2influxdb:

nmon2influxdb will first check if the configuration file /etc/nmon2influxdb/nmon2influxdb.cfg exists before checking in user's home directory.

  • issue #38 improved debugging:

    • Log messages use the golang log package now.
    • Added timestamps.
    • Removed duplicate messages for skipped metrics in nmon import.

New option debug-file redirect output to text file:

nmon2influxdb --debug-file="debugfile" hmc import

No need to specify the debug option when debug-file is specified.

Configuration parameters are displayed sanitized in the debug output. Users and passwords are replaced by “secretuser” and “secret”:

2017/01/16 14:52:57 configuration: {Debug:true DebugFile:test2 Timezone:Europe/Paris InfluxdbUser:secretuser InfluxdbPassword:secret InfluxdbServer: InfluxdbPort:8086 InfluxdbDatabase:nmon_reports GrafanaUser:secretuser GrafanaPassword:secret GrafanaURL: GrafanaAccess: GrafanaDatasource: HMCServer:hmc1 HMCUser:secretuser HMCPassword:secret HMCDatabase:nmon2influxdbHMC HMCDataRetention:40d HMCManagedSystem:mysystem HMCManagedSystemOnly:false HMCSamples:10 ImportSkipDisks:false ImportAllCpus:false ImportBuildDashboard:false ImportForce:false ImportSkipMetrics: ImportLogDatabase: ImportLogRetention: ImportDataRetention: ImportSSHUser:adejoux ImportSSHKey:/Users/adejoux/.ssh/id_rsa DashboardWriteFile:false StatsLimit:0 StatsSort:mean StatsFilter: StatsFrom: StatsTo: StatsHost: Metric: ListFilter: ListHost: Inputs:[{Measurement:CPU_ALL Name:host Match:itmup Tags:[{Name:BUSINESSCLASS Value:GOLD Regexp:<nil>} {Name:HOSTTYPE Value:PHYSICAL Regexp:<nil>} {Name:OSTYPE Value:AIX Regexp:<nil>} {Name:REGION Value:NA Regexp:<nil>}]}]}

bug fixes

  • issue #33 fixed chart issue DISKBUSY chart was displaying DISKRIO stats in generated AIX dashboard

  • issue #39 unable to generate default configuration file since tagging addition

  • issue #40 fixed nmon2influxdb crash when the HMC couldn't get system metrics from managed system