nmon2influxdb dashboard - generate a dashboard from a nmon file or template

   nmon2influxdb dashboard [command options] [arguments...]

   --template, -t 		optional json template file to use
   --file, -f			generate Grafana dashboard file [$NMON2INFLUXDB_DASHBOARD_TO_FILE]
   --guser "admin"		grafana user
   --gpassword, --gpass "admin"	grafana password
   --gaccess "direct"		grafana datasource access mode : direct or proxy
   --gurl "http://uby:3000"	grafana url
   --datasource "nmon2influxdb"	grafana datasource


  • template: specify a json grafana template to upload
  • file: generate a json file instead of uploading the dashboard to the grafana server
  • guser: grafana user. By default, it's admin.
  • gpassword: grafana password. By default, it's admin.
  • gaccess: Specify how grafana will connect to the InfluxDB database. See the section database connection
  • gurl: grafana server url.
  • datasource: datasource used by grafana dashboard

Environment variables

Environment variables can be specified to setup default parameter values.


database connection

Grafana has two way to access the InfluxDB database:

  • direct: the connection is done directly from the user's browser. Its possible when the database is directly accessible.

  • proxy: the connection is made by the Grafana server itself.


Upload a dashboard to Grafana based on a NMON file :

nmon2influxdb dashboard testsrv_141114_0000.nmon
Dashboard uploaded to grafana

Generate a dashboard file from the NMON file :

nmon2influxdb dashboard -f testsrv_141114_0000.nmon
Writing GRAFANA dashboard: testsrv_dashboard